Sunday, 22 May 2016

And in the end strength and joy will win

You were supposed to be the easy one - my typical child, running around with your friends, the world your oyster, the usual bumps and bruises of childhood. Sure there were those scares of your toddler and pre-school years, but we got past them and decided to forget them.

But suddenly things changed as the world has suddenly become not your oyster. As you're growing farther from the protected circle of friends who built you up and let you know that your dreams are your reality and you just have to work hard to see them happen. Suddenly the world opens and the monsters of doubters who don't bother knowing you but just see your external shell tell you that you're not good enough that you have to be different, that just for skin that you inhabit you have limits that are not of your own making.

And we have to patch those wounds and remind you that your dreams are your reality and those who use words to put you down and try to wound you are shadows that pass and you are the solid one who inhabits your life.

You were supposed to be the easy one but I forgot how hard it was to grow up and that things didn't magically get better and the lessons that I learned can be shared with hugs and with love and with words of power and strength. And that nothing worth getting is gotten easily and no, not everything is easy but you are strong and beautiful and joyful.

And in the end that joy and strength will win.


  1. Brilliant... heartfelt... Thankyou for writing this .

    1. Sorry for missing your comment so long. It's been a complicated couple of months at my house. I really appreciate your kind words.


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